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How does white noise help
babies sleep?

White noise creates a comfortable environment for your baby and mimics the sound they heard while in the mother’s womb. It’s best to use white noise during crying episodes and during naps and bed-time. 

White Noise for
baby sleep.

White noise works miracles with fussy babies and is an amazing cue to boost a baby’s sleep. 

Our awesome sounds

Our baby sleep sounds
help boost baby's sleep

When using white noise to help a baby’s sleep, using the right sound can make all the difference. Here is a list of some of our favorite baby sleep sounds. 

White Noise

Our app features a mix of white noise dedicated for fussy babies, ned-time sleep routines, colicky babies, and more.

Nature Sounds

White Noise for Babies also features a wide collection of nature sounds to soothe babies.

Frequently asked questions


Early studies have found that white noise could be helpful in assisting babies to go to sleep. White noise can be useful to drown out other noises. In addition to noise blocking, many people have said that their babies associate white noise with sleep.
There are many different white noise and nature sounds available on the app. Within our app, we've categorized "colicky sound" to use with colicky babies as well as level of fussiness.
White noise is meant to be in the background for babies. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends using a white noise set no louder than 50 decibels.
White noise should be reduced after one year of age.
White noise is a sound which has the ability to drown out other sounds happening in an environment. White noise is produced by combining different frequencies of sound at once.
Even for easy going babies, white noise can still benefit their sleep. During months four through 12, babies will often go through something called sleep regression. White noise may help prevent these tough months.
In short, no they don't. High-pitch and low-pitch noises have different effects. High-pitch noises are great for calming baby cries, while low-pitch sounds are great for sleeping.
When your baby cries, many experts recommend to turn the white noise as loud as their cries. The recommended sound decibel by doctor's though is to not exceed 50 db.
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